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Write better SQR less time.

Even well-designed SQR programs can contain obscure bugs and slow, inefficient code.
Stop wasting time and cluttering your programs with unnecessary #DEBUGs and SHOWs.

Discover what your program is really doing, as it does it, in real time.

SP Debugger for SQR is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that helps you monitor and control
your program on a line-by-line basis while it runs.

Now you can:
Step through your SQR program one statement at a time
Pause execution; set and clear breakpoints; run to the next breakpoint
View and modify variable values on the fly
Explore arrays and change individual cell values; export arrays to Excel
Automatically monitor variables or array cells for changes in value
Profile your program to identify slow, inefficient SQR and SQL code
Be alerted to code patterns indicating potential coding errors
Rerun your program with a single click
Debug SQR programs in a graphical user interface; no commands to enter

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Our customers say...

Kevin Reschenberg

From the developer

I created this debugger because, frankly, I needed it.

As an independent developer specializing in PeopleSoft systems, I'm frequently faced with SQR coding challenges. SQR is powerful and useful, but at the same time it's an older procedural language burdened with some odd syntax and deprecated elements. Developers generally learn...   Read more...